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Nordson DAGE, the leaders in X-ray inspection for the electronics industry offers the highest feature recognition and resolution X-ray systems not only within failure analysis laboratories but also within the production environment. It is now proud to launch its 4th generation, ultra-high resolution, off-line X-ray systems - the Quadra™ Series.

The NEW Quadra™ Series has been designed with the user in mind and offers unbeatable image quality in the shortest possible time. With its revolutionary QuadraNT™ X-ray tube and Aspire FP™ detector, Nordson DAGE brings you the future of X-ray image resolution, reliability, performance and throughput.


X-ray inspection systems

Wafer x-ray Metrology 

Nordson Dage Quadra 7 xray inspection system

Quadra 7



Sonoscan’s Acoustic Micro Imaging technology collects the highest resolution data from all three dimensions of a sample, creating a virtual sample from which minute defects and features can be detected. Resolution in the micron range and delaminations as small as 200 Angstroms are typical. Our proprietary signal processing provides the most dependable and acoustically accurate information about a sample and its internal structure. Our advanced Acoustic Impedance Polarity Detector (AIPD)™ will allow you to measure the relative phase of interface reflections (echoes) to indicate the nature of the material at the other side of an interface. In addition, a Sonoscan acoustic image, that can have more than 256 megapixels and the highest pixel density, along with our data accuracy is one of the reasons that Sonoscan is typically the last word in failure analysis issues.

Acoustic Microscope Intrustments 

 Sonocan gen6 c-sam acoustic microscope

GEN6™ C‑SAM® Acoustic Microscope

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    With 16 different models and more being developed every day, Micromanipulator offers the most comprehensive selection of probe stations and accessories available. Choose the station that meets your needs from Manual, Motorized, or Semiautomatic. Accessorize your station the way you need with thermal chucks, microscopes, vibration isolation, light and noise shields, manipulators, DC and RF measurement hardware.

    Probe Stations

    2210 System level probe station with temperature box micromanipulator

    2210 System Level Probe Station

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Nisene Technology Group is the world leader in automated integrated circuit decapsulation. In the 30-plus years in the industry, Nisene has developed and advanced their patented technology from its humble beginning with the original Jet Etch, through the 350 series, and now with our latest product line: the JetEtch Pro family of decappers. We strive to perpetually set the bar as high as possible with our instrumentation. 

The PlasmaEtch decapsulation system is the latest and greatest from Nisene Technology Group, Inc. Employing a proprietary process of reactive ion etching, microwave energy, and vacuum, the PlasmaEtch can now etch virtually any encapsulated integrated circuit while preserving all of the device's internal structures! No longer an all-day process as we have seen with traditional RIE processes, etching with the PlasmaEtch can yield complete die exposure within a matter of just a couple hours — or even less on smaller packages!

All Products from Nisene Technology Group, Inc. 

 nisene plasmatech package decapping system

 The PlasmaEtch