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Nisene Technology Group is the world leader in automated integrated circuit decapsulation. In the 30-plus years in the industry, Nisene has developed and advanced their patented technology from its humble beginning with the original Jet Etch, through the 350 series, and now with our latest product line: the JetEtch Pro family of decappers. We strive to perpetually set the bar as high as possible with our instrumentation. 

The PlasmaEtch decapsulation system is the latest and greatest from Nisene Technology Group, Inc. Employing a proprietary process of reactive ion etching, microwave energy, and vacuum, the PlasmaEtch can now etch virtually any encapsulated integrated circuit while preserving all of the device's internal structures! No longer an all-day process as we have seen with traditional RIE processes, etching with the PlasmaEtch can yield complete die exposure within a matter of just a couple hours — or even less on smaller packages!

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 The PlasmaEtch