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Exceptional Products, Higher Yields!

Specialists in wire bonding machines, metrology, testing, sample preparation equipment for semiconductor packaging, failure analysis, reliability, and design verification groups. We offer the most innovative equipment and solutions for your company!

TEC Associates has over 20 years of experience providing a solutions based approach to our customers. Our representatives can help a manufacturer upgrade, automate, and improve their assembly and test process. Our product lines compliment each other giving the customer a broad base from which to draw on solutions to their particular process concerns.



"The time Alex spent yesterday at our facility was invaluable. He laid the ground work for all of our applications using clear and effective teaching methods. Today one of our technicians wrote several of his own programs. One program successfully repaired vendor supplied failed parts. He also modified other programs and began bonding production parts. Alex did a fantastic job training us on the F&S machine and we truly appreciate his effort."


"I checked in with the customer and they gave Alex a raving review for their installation. Said he was extremely professional and answered all of their questions. They really like the machine."