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cyberTECHNOLOGIES is a leading global supplier of standalone and integrated high resolution Profile and 3D Optical Metrology Systems for non-destructive process control of surface topography, dimensional metrology, shape, film thickness and quality inspection of Integrated Devices, Si, GaAs & Glass Wafers, MEMS, Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, Lenses, Printed Products, Chip Packages, any type of engineered surfaces and many other devices. Our easy to use and comprehensive software provides increased operational efficiencies in measuring single samples in the lab as well as large batches automatically in production.


Product Overview

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CT 300 High resolution non-contact surface measurement system

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Nordson Sonoscan’s Acoustic Micro Imaging technology collects the highest resolution data from all three dimensions of a sample, creating a virtual sample from which minute defects and features can be detected. Resolution in the micron range and delaminations as small as 200 Angstroms are typical. Our proprietary signal processing provides the most dependable and acoustically accurate information about a sample and its internal structure. Our advanced Acoustic Impedance Polarity Detector (AIPD)™ will allow you to measure the relative phase of interface reflections (echoes) to indicate the nature of the material at the other side of an interface. In addition, a Sonoscan acoustic image, that can have more than 256 megapixels and the highest pixel density, along with our data accuracy is one of the reasons that Sonoscan is typically the last word in failure analysis issues.

Acoustic Microscope Intrustments 

gen7 nordson sonoscan c-sam

GEN7™ C‑SAM® Acoustic Microscope

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Nordson DAGE is the leading provider of award winning bond testing equipment. The second generation 4000Plus bondtester continues to be the most advanced bondtester on the market whilst the 4000 Optima is optimized for fast, accurate and reliable bondtesting in the volume manufacturing environment.

Recognized as the industry standard, Nordson DAGE has a truly global presence and takes pride in delivering support to both local and international organizations alike.


Multipurpose Bondtesters

Nordson dage 4000Plus advanced bondtester

4000Plus Bondtester

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Nordson DAGE, the leaders in X-ray inspection for the electronics industry offers the highest feature recognition and resolution X-ray systems not only within failure analysis laboratories but also within the production environment. It is now proud to launch its 4th generation, ultra-high resolution, off-line X-ray systems - the Quadra™ Series.

The NEW Quadra™ Series has been designed with the user in mind and offers unbeatable image quality in the shortest possible time. With its revolutionary QuadraNT™ X-ray tube and Aspire FP™ detector, Nordson DAGE brings you the future of X-ray image resolution, reliability, performance and throughput.


X-ray inspection systems

Wafer x-ray Metrology 

Nordson Dage Quadra 7 x-ray inspection system

Quadra 7

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The XS-platform series is a small-footprint high-resolution automated X-ray inspection system concept designed for sophisticated high-speed inspection of semiconductor samples, wire bonds and PCB-assembly boards for single/multipanels or samples in trays. The inspectable applications range from component level inspection to mid-sized SMT boards.

 Just some of the possble applications include: LED, wire-sweep bondtest, sensors, solder joint inspection, power device cooling plates and PTH

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Nordson Matrix XS Series High Resolution X-ray

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Akrometrix provides services and equipment to measure and resolve thermo-mechanical surface flatness issues in manufacturing and assembly operations, most notably in the production of electronic circuit substrates and components. Akrometrix has become the industry leader in real-time metrology emphasizing resolution of thermo-mechanical issues at all levels of electronic materials production, components fabrication and assembly processes. Our products include the AXP, PS200, PS600 and AKM600P – all utilizing our shadow moiré technology. Additionally, they have digital fringe projection and digital image correlation modules for use with their shadow moiré systems and a stand alone digital fringe projection system to mirror reflow processes.


Akrometrix thermal metrology 3D digital surface plots

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NorCom Systems Inc. offers automated leak test solutions for hermetically sealed devices to the microelectronic, defense, and medical industries. Optical Leak Testing is an advanced leak test technology incorporating a sensitive full field interferometer that allows the user to inspect for gross and fine leaks simultaneously. The technique eliminates the long pressure bombing and the gas absorption issues typical of Helium Mass Spectroscopy and Krypton 85. OLT also eliminates the problems associated with gross leak testing using fluorocarbons or red dyes.


All Norcom Systems Products

 The Norcom 2020 optical leak detection system

The NorCom 2020